Appropriate to start this journal on 4/20

My favorite holiday.  To be able to smoke marijuana legally and know all over the world,  millions are still not free,  but smoking anyway.  That is the SPIRIT behind this blog.

Secretly,  I think my best work will appear here.


Published by Ramona Mayon

An angry writer who decided to do more. A reclusive nomad who is coming out of her shell to give the world a piece of her mind. This is the story of me and Willie Brown and Kamala Harris. You are hearing it now because I refuse to see that woman become Joe Biden's Attorney General. Book for sale on Amazon: COLLECTED LETTERS FROM THE ABYSS with a free (flip-page) via or for the Instant Download to all my books, go to In 1999, my husband and I successfully sued the San Francisco's sacred cow charity for mishandling donations. The fireman running things made one phone call and unleased hell. In 2010, the silence was deafening when I went to the White House, the Senate, the Justice Department, and that precious Fourth Estate: the mainstream media. So here we are, me - a gypsy - running for President just to be heard. Welcome to the World's Worst Popularity Contest. written 4/22/19 (earth day - love your mother)

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