San Francisco’s Fox News ignored the damage they did to us in 1997



Published by Ramona Mayon

An angry writer who decided to do more. A reclusive nomad who is coming out of her shell to give the world a piece of her mind. This is the story of me and Willie Brown and Kamala Harris. You are hearing it now because I refuse to see that woman become Joe Biden's Attorney General. Book for sale on Amazon: COLLECTED LETTERS FROM THE ABYSS with a free (flip-page) via or for the Instant Download to all my books, go to In 1999, my husband and I successfully sued the San Francisco's sacred cow charity for mishandling donations. The fireman running things made one phone call and unleased hell. In 2010, the silence was deafening when I went to the White House, the Senate, the Justice Department, and that precious Fourth Estate: the mainstream media. So here we are, me - a gypsy - running for President just to be heard. Welcome to the World's Worst Popularity Contest. written 4/22/19 (earth day - love your mother)

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